My name is Sarah Wessel and I am a late twenty-something with a dream. Since I can remember I have loved nature, and it was this love that lead me to get my BS in Zoology and MS in Biology. My passion for wanting to improve our environmental fortunes lead me to work in environmental policy in DC and to start this blog.  I believe that there are many environmental problems in the world today, and that we can all help improve the only planet we have to live on. Anyone and everyone has the ability to positively affect our environmental issues, whether that be through becoming a more informed consumer, a more knowledgeable voter, or even just developing some environmentally friendly daily habits. I want to help make the world a better place, which is why I made Environment Wise. With my educational background, legislative experience, and passion for politically and economically viable environmental solutions I have a great deal to say that I hope may help some of you.

This blog is meant to cover a wide variety of topics because the environment is intertwined with everything that we do in one way or another. I plan to analyze federal and local legislation and policy, review “environmentally friendly” products, summarize general environmental problems, make suggestions on how you can make small changes to benefit the environment, share interesting articles, and more. May we all be Environment Wise!

Feel free to contact me at seegler13@gmail.com

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