USA TODAY: Watch: Swarm of lake flies hatching is incredible

Neat video!!


Watch: Swarm of lake flies hatching is incredible

SHERWOOD, Wis. — One sign of spring in Wisconsin is here, a few weeks later than normal but perhaps more robust than usual. The annual lake fly hatch is on, and Cynthia Mueller, a naturalist at High Cliff State Park on the shores of Lake Winnebago, said she hasn’t seen numbers this large in several seasons. “The spring hatch usually shows up on the east shore of Lake Winnebago on or close to Mother’s Day weekend, but this year it is late,” she said. “Every year we wonder if this will be a big year. Will it be a major hatch, or will the winds blow the lake flies to the west shore?” The hatch of the adult Chironomus spp. is a bane to people for only a few weeks but a boon for fish and fowl, similar to lovebug mating season in May and late summer in the South. Following the lake flies’ spring hatch, a smaller, secondary hatch occurs in August.

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