USA TODAY: Best U.S. zoos revealed

While I have my reservations about zoos, still a neat list.


Best U.S. zoos revealed

10Best’s Readers’ Choice contest for Best U.S. Zoo shattered voting records in all previous contest categories. After a four-week period of intense participation by wildlife enthusiasts and regional stakeholders, Toledo Zoo came out on top. An amazing amount of support from fans, followers, friends and patrons catapulted this respected institution to the No. 1 position in the “Best U.S. Zoo” results. Landing a very solid second place is St. Louis Zoo, which also had legions of loyal fans voting daily, and even up through the final minutes of the contest. Cincinnati Zoo takes third place honors, followed by No. 4 Memphis Zoo, and fifth place finisher Columbus Zoo. A special thanks goes out to “Jungle Jack” Hanna, who encouraged animal lovers across the U.S. to vote for the zoo of their choice, despite being long associated with the Columbus Zoo, where he is Director Emeritus. The fourth and fifth place finishers ran a very tight race.

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