Are bugs the answer?


It was not until recently that I became aware of the fact that bugs could be our answer to food security problems. In a world with an ever-expanding population where we already have trouble feeding the people we have we need to be looking outside the box to be able to feed ourselves without destroying the planet. The western style of obtaining our protein through agriculturally grown mammal meat and products is simply unsustainable in the long run for our population sizes. This is especially true if you take into consideration the growing scarcity of clean water. So is there a way to feed us all? 

Insects are protein rich, take less land, less water, are extremely abundant,  and take less time to produce than other protein sources. On top of that they can be ground up into a flour-like material to make innumerable food products in which, unless you were told, you couldn’t tell was made of “bugs”. So why the resistance? Insect consumption is something that the vast majority of us in the “west” consider icky. It brings to mind stories of lost hikers forced to eat butterflies to survive, not delicious and nutritious meals. However icky it may be to our western sensibilities I think that it may become a necessity in the fairly near future. As the price of meat goes up due to the scarcity of water and graze-able land, less and less people will be able to afford such a luxury on a daily basis. In the end I believe there will be a major paradigm shift toward acceptance of insect consumption, whether or not it is due to true interest or due to necessity. I personalty hope that it is embraced with typical American gusto so that someday soon I may be able to attend a bug cook-off or something of the sort.

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