Why Facts Matter: Science Is Not an Opinion

Pretty funny!

Why Facts Matter: Science Is Not an Opinion – http://huff.to/1hYbiyi


One thought on “Why Facts Matter: Science Is Not an Opinion

  1. Reblogged this on Inspired Earth Connection and commented:
    There are definitely some valid points in this Huffington Post article. It will help me be more articulate about climate change and it opened my eyes to the difference between weather and climate.

    The one thing I don’t like about this article (other than I wish it more succinct for my short attention span) is the tone of pitting liberals against conservatives and democrats against republicans. I think this kind of approach keeps us divided and operating from a fighting, struggle, adversarial energy. This kind of energy is not what is going to create the big change that is needed. Actions coming from inner peace, clarity and the awareness that we are all interconnected hold a lot more power.

    That said, I do believe it is more accurate to “point fingers” at the big wigs who derive their money and power from environmentally destructive practices (such as drilling for oil). They are the ones nay-saying climate change and seeking to control the kind of information we are fed via the media. At the same time, we must not fight them. It’s all in the subtle energetic difference that rests in our hearts. It is the difference between a war-protest and a peace rally. Got it?

    And, let’s face it; we all in this together. Even oil tycoons need a healthy planet to survive.

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